The casino bonus

The predecessors of the online casino web site owners of the present times such as Best Online Casino had to lodge a great fight for the survival of the new mode playing the gambling games. They had to fight the united opposition from the legal as well as the anti-gambling associations who are against the starting of the new mode of online casino games. In order to fight the traditional opposition to the online mode of the games of chances the pioneers of the online mode of the casino games worked in close cooperation with the computer experts in order to convert the casino games to its online version in the most attractive manner so as to attract the players of the online casino games. Much credit must be given to the computer experts of the time who had devoted their time and expertise for the development of the online games but for which the present state of the online games could not have been possible. The high amount of return on meager investment has brought in many established main line gaming industry in the business of online casino games.



At the present time the internet is flooded with the online casino web sites such as Best Online Casino numbering to a staggering 27 million web sites. This has resulted in a high amount of competition among the online website owners. In order to survive in this tough competition they have resorted to promotional measures. Among the many forms of promotional measures that are undertaken by the online casino web site owners the most famous is the casino bonus. The casino bonuses are designed intelligently targeting the players at different stages of their playing tenures. The main objective of the casino bonuses is to attract the players and make them stay on at the web sites so that the web site owners can earn money. This is not any benevolent scheme offered by the online casino web site owners. This promotional scheme is similar to the ones that are offered by the main line business enterprises from time to time.


The no deposit bonus is the one bonus scheme that is targeted to the new aspirants of the games. They casino owners of Best Online Casino after studying the psychological status of the new players have framed this popular bonus scheme very intelligently. The initial deposit is made by the site owners in the account of the new aspirants so that can play for free.

Bonuses ideal for new casino players

The new players tasting the world of risk, gamble and emotional and financial ups and downs due to win and loss are more than eager to use the slot machine bonus. The new players like to test the waters starting with something simple like slot games. The 3 reeled slots are the most uncomplicated to start with followed by the theme based 5 reeled slots and lastly the progressive slots with the help of these bonuses.

Less rules leads to less tension

The games like poker, blackjack, roulette have many rules to be known, understand and also used during the actual game play, hence a tough time for the novices to counter an expert in the first go. Also, the possibility of losing is more in these games. However, when it comes to the luck based games like slots, the less rules makes it a cakewalk for the newbie’s to learn. at the same time they get a chance to please their eyes and refresh their minds looking and feeling the theme based audio visuals of the game. Though the probability is calculated in this game too, however it is rarely implemented method as the probabilities keep on changing before every spin as an inbuilt feature and hence, the entry and exit time can be judged purely on gut feeling and some judgemental calculations after practicing for a long time.

The bonus for the challengers

The experts, the most trained set of gamblers have a different lookout for the bonus. They look at bonus as a hindrance in case wagering terms demand more wagers than are sufficient for safeguarding the earned profits. However, they research for good casinos which offer good terms and also good amount of bonuses so that less needs to be deposited from own kitty. The 100% matching bonus have become a thing of past, now the slot machine bonus with 250% matching bonus and even more are in vogue with good terms of wager in many casinos like Butler’s Bingo. Some casinos specialise in slot games and hence the games of top class gaming developers like NetEnt, Micro Gaming are chosen for the players delight. The experts love playing new games and hence get a change from routine and remain updated with them even on mobiles and in fast loading 3D versions. The bonus for the loyal experts of particular UK sites are also high as a loyalty gift.