SicBo Casino Dice Game

Mega Fame Casino

This game was developed by Gummi Games, brings ancient Chinese dice game SicBo. It is also known as Hi Lo, Big and Small, and Dai Siu. SicBo is a combination of craps and roulette that is simple to select and offers wide range of betting options, all you have to do is to guess the outcome of the dice. Start playing this amazing dice game and move your way to a virtual casino fortune.

The most exciting features of SicBo Casino Dice Game Include:

  • You will have a chance to place bets in the range of $1 to $1 million per hand.
  • It has 3 major casino variations such as United Kingdom, Macau and New Zealand.
  • Your dice, dice cover and table themes can be perfectly customized with casino earnings.
  • You can also compare with players from all over the world on multiple leaderboards.
  • Levels of experience – 25, more than 40 achievements with extra cash bonuses.
  • You can get accurate statistics and information of gambling performance.
  • New players can get started easily with the help of introductory.
  • Stunning graphics on smartphone and tablets
  • The slot game is ad-supported software and works only on the devices having Android 2.2+ versions.