El Classico is one of the biggest and oldest football derbies in Europe. The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona outgrew the boundaries of sport, and has political and social connotations. The supporters of Barca and Real claim that we can’t imagine how much the El Classico victory means for them, and that it has to be experienced.

225 competitive matches were played between these teams and Real are currently leading by three vicoties – 90 vs 87, with 48 draws.

The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on March 23.

In this match the stake is even higher than at the usual derby – many football analysts believe that the winner of this match will take home the league trophy, too.

10 games before the end, Real have a 3-point margin of advantage over Barca. If the Royal club wins this match, the margin will be 6 points, and that advantage could be too big to catch.

The two teams are coming into this clash with a different mindset. Barcelona lost 2 of their 5 previous league matches, they are trailing, and perhaps they don’t have enough confidence to enter Madrid and attack Ancelotti.

On the other hand, Real could sit at their own half comfortably, and wait for a chance to counter – the same tactic that Barcelona used often against them.

We should expect a tactical battle in the midfield, and lots of caution from the players, since the draw isn’t a bad option for any of the teams (clearly it is better for Real), but a loss would be a disaster, so both teams will try to avoid that first and foremost.

Because of that situation, maybe we won’t see a spectacular Cherry Casino game which is always expected in El Classico.

Real Madrid doesn’t have many problems regarding injured players. Alvaro Arbeloa is out with his recent injury, and Sami Khedira is also a long term injured player. Jese picked up a knock in the second leg of Champions league last 16 with Schalke 04, and it is doubtful that he will appear.

On the other hand, all of the important Barca players will be ready for this match.

The live stream will be available here, and you can enjoy and cheer for your favorite team.

Maybe the importance of the match will produce a very tactical match with only a few goal chances, but nobody who calls himself a football fan should miss this fixture.

Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live football streaming match online from Santiago Bernabeou and be part of the exciting fight between Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi